Batzoom - Great for family fun

Batzoom - Great for Family Fun

We are going through a tough time with the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise across the globe. Governments and health authorities are telling people to stay at home and prevent the spread. Now people who are staying at home are finding different ways to do something to keep their minds busy. But most of us have gotten so used to our daily life routines that staying at home is causing boredom now. No one knows for how long this critical situation will last as medical scientists and experts are trying to find the cure for the virus.

People are tired of sitting in their homes. You can’t spend your entire day baking in the kitchen, doing push ups in your home gym, or entertaining your neighbors from the balconies. So you began to spend some time on social media and playing around with your gadgets like phones and tabs.

You decided to go through a few posts and ended up staying on the couch for the entire night. Of course, all that stuff on the internet is so entertaining. But you were tired that day and wanted to rest. And there's nothing wrong with scanning some posts or getting some news updates.

But then you start doing it daily. Oh, I wanted to read that article that I bookmarked from yesterday. And then again, you spend the entire evening sitting in your cozy bed. And because you are not doing anything, your kids will follow your footsteps, and they will be with their devices all day long.

Now the situation is getting out of your hand, and you can’t get your kids to participate in anything. They are too busy on their Facebook or Twitter handles. Doing the same thing over and over again at home will become boring, and you all think that it is better to stay on the internet and find some entertaining stuff.

This whole scenario can be very frustrating for the entire household. Everybody is sitting there in the lounge, and there is no conversation going on. Why, because everyone is busy with their eyes stuck to the screen of their devices. It is not good for the brain development of your child and your mental health as well.

Staying at home is the best time to strengthen family ties. It is the best time to get close to the people who live with you. You need to get your kids involved in some physical activity to get over the cabin fever. And you will be getting over your own by doing this.

So what to do to change this situation? Why not try out some new activity! Playing cricket or baseball is an option, but it can be a bit tough because the bats are too heavy. Kids will find them difficult to handle. Tennis is a good choice, but the racket is too wide, and handling can be difficult in this case as well.

You need something light and narrow enough to whack the ball around and get some frustration out. Why not choose Batzoom! Batzoom rackets are narrow, and they are much lighter than tennis rackets, let alone the baseball and cricket bats. Handling will be very easy for kids, and of course, they can whack around the ball with control and force.

Batzoom kits feature a Batzoom with a couple of softballs and a carrying bag. You can get your kids to play some sports and get involved in some physical activity. It can be useful for their physical as well as mental development. With Batzoom, you can also give your kids some confidence to participate in sports like baseball, cricket, softball, Tball, and Pesapallo.

Batzoom brings families together as you will spend some quality time doing some physical activity with your family. And your kids will love it because they get to smash the ball around too.